how to use ?
Choose a week by selecting its title or image in the weekly scrollbar. Click on Monday's drawing and follow the days using the pig symbols situated on the lefthand side of the frame.
Before the pictures appear on the internet, they are prepared each day as originals on a sheet of paper that is completed over the course of the week. I draw in my studio, preferably at night or during the early hours of the morning. The picture of the week in progress on the web site gives a good general impression of what I myself have in front of me: a drawing in gestation, unfinished and fragile, engaged in a process whose solution is as yet undecided.

When ?
The 'daily drawings' adventure started on Thursday 10th April, 1997 as the result of a collaboration with the philosopher P.M.P (Pierre Plumerey), author of “today's idea".
Since December 2002, the web site has featured a creativity that has enabled viewers to follow the everyday evolution of ideas, the hesitations, the delicate nature of taking risks… In particular, it has shared an adventure, both beautiful and sensual, about the place of the drawing in everyday life.

What ?
A drawing is presented daily whose meaning is revealed as the week develops.